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I've been back and forth with this too. As I just said in another thread, I've found that this time when I've re-set up OF, I'm only putting in "true" projects (writing Successful Outcome: xxxxxxx into the note of the title). I have one SAL for maintenance type things, but that's it.(And even that isn't the big, giant list of maintenance...I keep it in OO but choose a few things to get done and put them into the SAL.)

I'm using OO for 'everything else'. So far, so good. But on what Spiral brought up about Areas of Focus being the stepchild...I've resisted the Areas of Focus label somewhat. Like you said, I don't consider it a Focus that I have all my medical info, prescription info, insurance info etc. organized and accessible. It's more an Area of Responsibility.

I'm still re-building my system. I have one OO document called Areas of Focus, but I don't like Medical living alongside of Photography. I think I'll either rename it to Areas of... and separate things that I consider to be responsibilities from things that I choose to spend my time on (Photography, Outdoor Activities, etc.). Or I may make it into two separate lists.

Thanks for the discussion.