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Yeah, I think OF is the wrong tool for the job here. It is not a multi-user collaboration tool at present and if you're delegating 160 tasks a day it's probably best if you can directly assign tasks.
Delegating doesn't necessarily imply multi-user collaboration. The whole idea of delegating implies assigning a task and then following up to see it is completed with a subordinate.

I'd be happy if I could email an action to a subordinate. Be nice too if one could assign a contact from the addressbook to a context or an email to the context that would be used to populate the email that OF for iPhone could create.

Right now i do this on OF for Mac where I've written a script that emails a task to a person (creates a new email in Mail). When the email is sent, a notation is placed in the notes field. When they reply, I have it go into a smart mailbox so I can see what the reply is.

I've been dying to have the ability to email an action right out of OF for iPhone. Presently you can do this with Things, Appigo's ToDo and, I would presume, others. With in app email capability since iOS 3, and since many applications do this, I'd really like to see Omni jump on this one.