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The upgrade to 1.8 seems to have broken my WebDAV sync. [Thanks for backing up previous versions of the app during upgrade -- downgrading to 1.7.5 is my temporary fix.]

When retrying a failed sync in OmniFocus 1.8, I get the error:

Unable to synchronize database with server.
Unable to read document.
Unable to read the contents of "https://mydomain:2078/OmniFocus.ofocus/".

(where mydomain is, of course, my domain).

Details of my sync setup:
* Domain hosted by
* SSL certificate is signed as Bluehost, not as my own domain (old versions of OF would periodically warn me about that before sync, as I would want!)
* Same Apache server is serving out a Drupal instance higher up the directory tree with some mod-rewrite rules (but since I can still sync from 1.7.5, it seems that the change has to be client-side)

Other things I've tried:
* When I use the "Connect to Server" menu item to connect to https://mydomain:2078/ I successfully mount the appropriate directory (~/public_html/omnifocus/) which contains the OmniFocus.ofocus bundle.
* Re-imported the x-omnifocus-settings:/// URI which I'd used to export these setting to my other sync locations (on Jan 13 2009)
* As mentioned, 1.7.5 works flawlessly.

Running OS 10.6.4.

Any help would be appreciated!