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Wouldn't it be great if you could create idea-webs that can link ideas, journal entries or maybe even video? You could then use omnigraffle to build educational packages, sales pitches, storyboarding... the possibilities are almost endless.
The desktop pro version can do this, you can assign actions (like "jump to other canvas" or "zoom in on rectangular area of the canvas") and even applescript scripts to shapes that can then be triggered in browse or presentation mode. I suppose it'd be a natural fit for the iPad's touch interface, but we'd have to do without the applescript. Maybe a future update will add a presentation mode and some simple button actions?

Full scriptability similar to desktop omnigraffle might be too much to ask for, but even with some simple javascript based scripting using iOS webkit, OmniGraffle would be powerful enough to make simple apps or games with. In no time flat, people would demand an iOS app export feature or something. :D That would be great, of course.