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Hi -
This is my first post although I been following Omnifocus since the early beta versions.

I tried the beta versions but decided that I really could not handle the complexity of the UI. Instead I went to Things...

However I read the reviews of the iPad version of OF and decided I liked it and it would suit my, now more-complex, needs.

Bought the iphone and ipad versions and then as my projects and tasks multiplied I decided i would try to MAc version again.

Nothing seems to have changed there - I still find it impossibly complex to navigate. Indeed I find it difficult to believe that the same team that designed the lovely iPhone and iPad apps actually developed the desktop version.
I can't even find the forecast view (either it doesn't exist or I can't find it).

OF is incredibly popular so I am probably in the minority but, would anyone else like to see a MAC user interface that took its inspiration from the iphone/ipad versions?
I know that the desktop version is very flexible/feature-rich but there must be a way of hiding some of that rich complexity from new users (who can then explore new features as they need them).

I would be interested to know what other people think and how they are finding the UI (particular those that have used desktop and mobile versions).

Incidentally I still use things but only for managing personal tasks. OF I find suits my work life better and because I travel a lot I need the OTA syncing of the OF suite.

Cheers all