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They're actually already on top of it. From what I understand, they'll be bringing a lot from what they learned about the iPad/iPhone to the desktop with OmniFocus 2.0. When that will be is anyone's guess. They were working on it before the iPad came out, but then resources got shifted.

Personally, I don't own an iPad so the desktop app is the only one that I am very familiar with, but I agree that it does lack a certain polish from what I've seen compared to the iPad version. Nevertheless, I've grown accustomed to it and don't really think much about it.

Unfortunately, the forecast view is not currently available for the desktop, but that's another feature that will be in the new version.

i'm not sure what your workflow is, but you might get some ideas from these guides for those who are just starting out with omnifocus. it kind of talks about ways to minimize some of the things that come off as daunting to new users.