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Hello everyone, would be possible to have a more powerful search spotlight style in omnifocus. Sometimes I left notes on my done actions and would like to be able to easily access to them via a simple search. Would be great if that search is also performed on your omnifocus archive file as well, thanks!
I second this! And I have also feedbacked Omni about it.

It constantly drives me nuts to find things that I KNOW exists in OF!
But since projects are paused, not visible, not among all the choosen ones, etc etc, I spend a LOT of time finding my entries!

Example; Just looked for one of my house projects, called "Garage" (yes, it's the same in swedish as in english). Couldn't find it with search. Opened my House folder and there it was - visible for the naked eye. It was paused, and maybe that's why OF couldn't find it...? I don't know.

A search should present a list with active, remaining, paused etc, projects and actions. NO MATTER WHAT!!!

Sorry I yelled. I love OF, but hate the so called "search"... :-/