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I am really struggling to work the sync facility. I'm using the OmniSync Server, but whenever I publish / update a plan between Desktop and iPad, the dates change. Also, it doesn't seem to handle different versions (e.g. different file names) very well. I'd expect them to exist as different 'files' on the server, but instead they seem to overwrite each other (so my version 6 appears as 5.2 - unhelpful!).

Any guidance anyone can give me would be helpful. Do I have a setting wrong?

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It sounds like you might be running into the issue that whpalmer4 mentioned involving duplicate project IDs. A little bit of background on this, each OmniPlan file that you create on the Mac and iPad is assigned a unique ID which we use for syncing. The problem that would arise with some users is that they'd duplicate their project file in Finder to use as different versions or project template. Since the file was duplicated with the same unique ID, publishing and updating different files with the same unique ID would overwrite each other on the server.

To avoid this on the Mac you should go to "File" > "Save As" if you want to save a different version of your project. This will assign the newly saved file a unique ID so that when you publish it to the Sync Server it will be it's own project and you won't have to worry about it overwriting the project that it was duplicated from. in OmniPlan-iPad 1.2, we set it up so that duplicating a project would automatically assign it a new unique ID.

As for the dates changing when you publish/update, that might have been due to this issue of duplicate IDs. If you're still seeing issues though, please call us at 1-800-315-6664 or email us at