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I hear you.

I've been waiting for this for years (I joined here over 5 years ago - when OF1 was in beta) and still not even a hint of any tasks/project collaboration in OF2.

I finally found has what I need: projects/task collaboration, categories, cloud sync/backup, iphone app, works offline and the overhead is so much less than OF.
Our organization recently adopted Asana and I have to say, I'm really impressed. Their development cycle is very aggressive, adding features quickly. They have API hooks for creating your own apps from the database, and from a productivity standpoint they allow group collaborative projects, with a nicely integrated discussion platform. It's easy for project managers to check in on the velocity of employees or projects.

It's not available offline, which is a bummer, and there are no start dates which is a major bummer.

Rather than have asana incorporate all the things I love about OF, I would just love to see the ability to share projects/actions with other OF users. What a dream it would be to tie my "CTO agenda" context in with his inbox, and when he processes it it completes the task in mine.

Maybe one day :-)