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Not perfect but it will get you the iWorks 09 Keynote again.

Install the trial from here:

Install the old version (it should put it within an iWorks folder in your Applications folder, so your new versions should remain untouched.)

Then you can use your old serial number from Apple to register it. I was lucky enough to find it in my mail backups (yay MailSteward)

It is frustrating you can not get the serial numbers from your account page on Apple like you used to. But if you have not got a record of your serial, they might be able to dig yours out.

(or not)

Then get the 9.3 update from Apple here

This makes it work in Mavericks

(It is a kick to the crotch that they still provide the update file but not the original or serials. Oh well.)

And tada, it should work again.

Good luck