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Omni has been pretty clear about OF being a personal task management tool. As far as I've heard, the only plans for collaboration are via interaction with OmniPlan, and that's been pushed back by the introduction of the iPad. You might be able to hack something together, but it seems like it will be fragile. Fragility is the last thing you want in a task management system.

Be sure to use Help --> Send Feedback to communicate feature requests to Omni. While the architecture doesn't seem likely to support full-blown multi-user database sharing, it seems like it might be possible to implement sending actions to others and (crucially) checking off actions in others' databases.

Imagine being able to run a delegate command that sends an action via email to another OF user. They receive it and run the Clip-o-tron to add the task to their database, along with metadata that associates the task with the your original one. Meanwhile, your task would be somehow marked as delegated. After some time, the receiver completes the task and checks it off. This could automatically trigger a reply email to you indicating that the task is done. The Clip-o-tron on your side would process this email and mark the delegated task complete in your database. That would nicely handle the delegation piece.

Since you're clearly willing to tinker, you might think about setting up your own server running collaborative ticket tracking software. There are a variety of open source solutions available. Said another way, rather than looking for personal task management software that handles collaboration, you might have better luck looking for collaborative project management software that handles personal tasks.