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The solution I posted about has worked - in a hit & miss fashion.

Today, in my weekly review, the problem happened again, but this time no sync was occurring. Until the good folks at Omni fix this problem, I was putting up with the "quitting" issue, because the data was syncing.

Instead I have done the following, signed up at:

Using the ADVANCED PREF in OF to sync with the OF.iPh.
The sync is a tad slower than WiFi depending on your internet connection.

For today, this is the option that seems to be sticking and working.

Let's see if tomorrow brings back the sync problem.

Try it, if you're like me and rely on inputing data on both the iPhone and the Mac throughout your 24hr life cycle!

Actually, I like the idea of Omni running this server to sync data with.
Luckily I saw the beta option and have grabbed a spot.

The Omni Sync Server represents our effort to provide something that's as reliable and easy to use as MobileMe sync, but doesn't require any additional expense for our customers.

The server is still in a beta test phase, but the project has been going really well so far. Five months in, we have several thousand accounts syncing their data to the server, we've had a grand total of 15 minutes of unplanned downtime, and we haven't gotten any reports of sync problems that were the server's fault. In fact, our sync server seems less likely to cause sync problems than some of the other free options folks have been using.
Read more about it as this link.

EDIT: Monday, 13 December 2010 7:44 PM:
48hrs later still working via the Omni Sync Server workaround.

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