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I found this a while back and sent feedback about it as well.

Coincidentally, I found a workaround today that appears to work as of build 89717. (I haven't tried it with earlier builds.)

If you assign the singleton items to a parallel project and then un-assign them, they appear to function normally again. This persisted across restarts, and I was even able to back up and restore the database successfully.

However, this does not seem to migrate to a different Mac; I copied my OmniFocus file from my laptop to my work machine and the old behavior returns. I also created a backup of my database and restored it onto my work machine; no change.

EDIT: It appears as if the change is largely cosmetic. After shuffling my Omnifocus file back and forth a couple of times, now my singleton actions are formatted correctly but still behave as inactive actions. So disregard my workaround above and hope, with me, that this gets fixed soon. :)

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