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I have managed to perfectly apply omnifocus into my daily life. My projects are going forward and tasks are being done.

However, there're 2 things that still brother me!

1) Omnifocus doesn't have a Gannt chart! (this one is huge!)
Omnifocus does allow me to plan my next day, but when my friends call me and ask if I'm free on the coming weekend, I don't know what to say!
Dispite all the advantages of omnifocus, it doesn't allow you to plan getting your projects done up-front. The point is that I can't assaign tasks from different projects on a certain day, because I don't see the whole picture of that day and how free I'll be!

2) Despite all the sayings, I'll point this fact out again.
Omnifocus should exist for Windows! It's not that I don't have Mac, it's about the fact that I (and I think most of the people) use Windows for working! And it's important to use task management system for your work!