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I use an external hard drive for backups, but whenever my laptop is disconnected, I get periodic notifications from OmniFocus, “The backup volume could not be found.” And whenever I haven’t synched with my iPod in a few days (I do most of my work on the desktop), I get a notification, “You haven’t synched this client in a while,”*with the default option to stop synching.

Is this really necessary? Do we need warnings that can’t be disabled or easily dismissed? Maybe OF could warn if I haven’t backed up in a few days, instead of a warning every time the backup fails. And with synchronization, I either have to open the Preferences, or click the button to turn off synching altogether. There is no easy option to say, “Yes, I know I haven’t synched in a while.”

I understand that people want to keep their data secure, but I think that multiple warnings a day are too much, especially ones that can’t be easily dismissed.