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Hello everyone,

I've been running a decent size job for about 10 months. (construction project) Its a three phase job, the first two phases have been completely time and material basis and there's been a large amount of changes along the way. It was near impossible to create a schedule based on the unknowns. The last phase has the possibility of creating and maintaining a schedule. I've got one created and I've created all the resources into groups. The groups being the subcontractors and the resources within the groups are the employees or manpower of the subcontractors.

My question is this: If a group contains 4 resources (employees) should each employee represent 25% of the resources of the group adding up to 100% for the group, or should the group be 400% with each resource (employee) holding their own 100%

I've assigned multiple resources within a group to certain tasks and the dates keep changing based on how many resources I assign. It would make sense to me that each resource within the group would represent 100% but I need some clarification. I appreciate your time. I am new to managing projects and have most of my experience in Superintendent type work where I have not been the creator of a schedule rather the enforcer. Any help is greatly appreciated.