Thread: Styles lost?
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Well, I guess "lost" is a bit misleading. I'm referring to what happens when you copy and paste styled text into the Quick Entry window. The pasted text retains the style just briefly. It changes to the applicable default style set in preferences as soon as you add the action's context.

I realize OF is "supposed" to do this. But frequently the styled text's particular style is preferable. You could change your desired style in preferences, but the pasted text is often more readable, not just because of its font, but because it's got line returns after paragraphs and spaces between paragraphs and a mix of bold and plain. All that is lost. Seems a shame.

Anyone else frustrated by this?

Why not allow retention of styles? Or at least spaces between paragraphs. It really enhances the readability of supporting information.

Yes, yes, I know: I'm not supposed to be entering paragraphs into an action entry. Oh! I have sinned!