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It's amazing how opinions change. Personally I was staunchly opposed the the vertical tab bar. Now I realize how insanely cumbersome trying to manage horizontal tabs would be. If light browsing by means of 3-4 tabs was all that one ever used then fine I see no need for vertical tabs, but the reality is that OW is aiming at the more complex demanding users. In this light, I personally never have less than 20 tabs open in OW at a time other will testify to having similar usage profiles. So your metaphor does not really have any relevance. Not its not broken, but it has been expanded upon for power users. Nonetheless, options for everyone is always preferable in my opinion.

2. agree-waste of space if Fav icons are disabled as I do.

3. eh? favorites, drop down menu? I don't follow you. It's a sub menu of the Personal Bookmarks. Do you mean have an independent menu for it? Can't you just remember the key commands "command+1-9,0"? of your favorite? much faster than pulling a menu down.

Lastly, Im not sure how particular you are when it comes to control of a browser but I can honestly say there is no possible way I could deal with having to use a sub par browser such as FF every day. No offense, but that browser is less than mediocre in IMO an grossly overhyped. I have and use FF3 it for no more than 30 mins a day for a specific task, and for that reason it just isn't up to the same spec as other browsers. If i were to run windows then perhaps i'd consider it to be my default browser but that is largely due to the lack of better browsers on that platform. Whatever keeps ya rollin i suppose.

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