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I have a simple solution to all this ... I use a bluetooth mouse. I have a tremor, and when a friend acquired a new 15" MBP and asked me to help set it up, I found the trackpad basically unusable ... just trying to move the cursor often ended up in selecting something, even empty space. I find a mouse gives me much more control anyway, especially on my rev 1 MBA, for which I can't turn the trackpad sensitivity down far enough.

I do realise that on a plane, or similar space-challenged environment, a mouse is not the answer ... but I wouldn't want to be working in 'Graffle in those circumstances anyway.

I have just got a "Magic Mouse" ... it is brilliant, and I have none of those problems with it, even though for many things it uses gestures, as my hand can be braced firmly when using it, and the double-tap doesn't select.