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Hi Brian,

Nope, same questions remain unanswered - at least I can't see where the questions I have asked are answered on this thread.

I did read all the postings on all the threads before I put forward my questions - you imply that the answers I need are already on the forum - well I could not find them. If I am wrong, and the answers are already there, please show me where.

Otherwise please reinstate my question as a new thread as I still need the answers, and I am very unlikely to get a response buried at the bottom of this thread.
Well, given that the most frequent posters on this board seem to answer everything in sight, I don't think your last concern is a valid one. The forum software allows one to see all the threads which have had a posting since one's last visit.

You and your wife can share OF databases quite easily if you simply use the same MobileMe account. You would set that up just as you would one iPhone and one Mac. If your wife needs to have a separate MobileMe account, I believe you can do that by configuring her Mac's OmniFocus sync preferences using the Advanced option and specifying the same location as the MobileMe option suggests. The first time a sync is attempted, prompts for the username and password of the WebDAV server will come up, and you'll enter the username and password for your MobileMe account. It will be most convenient if you do this before entering any data in your wife's copy of OmniFocus. You'll be asked if you want to use the server or local copy of the database, and it is important that you answer correctly. In the case of your wife's machine or iPhone, you'll want to answer "Server" so that you using the database that is already in use by you instead of overwriting it with the "welcome to OmniFocus" one on the new client.

If you have MobileMe iDisk syncing turned on (so that you can access your MobileMe filesystem while not connected to the internet) it seems to be preferable to tell OmniFocus to put your database in the Backup directory on your iDisk instead of the default location in Documents. MobileMe's iDisk sync routines (not used by OmniFocus, despite the obvious potential for name confusion) have been implicated in a number of cases of database corruption for other OmniFocus users, but the Backup directory is not synced and appears to offer a safe haven for the OmniFocus database.