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Hello Omni folks

I have a suggestion for a feature request to put out for future consideration.

Right now a line, when linked to two objects has no properties in "Properties:Geometry". It would be handy to have a property would allow lines to "undershoot" or "overshoot" their start and end points.

For example, i could set an end of a line to under shoot the anchor points by 5% or 10 mm and there would be a small gap between the end of a line and the anchor on a box or circle. This is particularly handy if you are doing diagrams with larger arrows that you don't want butting up against the boxes. I see this as something that would be similar in functionality to how you have the text offset features.

I know that this can be accomplished by just not having the arrows anchor (which is what I do now), but then there is a lot of unnecessary tweaking when you have to add boxes, etc.

You could just use the existing panel, too. :-)

What do you think? What do others think?

Would this be useful? Would it make the UI too complex?