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Thank you, it works like this!

Vlad Ghitulescu

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I think this is probably related to a slight tightening up of the TaskPaper file format requirements.

Top level item bullets must now be preceded by a tab (previously optional), and the built-in OmniFocus to TaskPaper exporter doesn't yet do this. Worth pinging Help > Send Feedback ... in the OmniFocus menu.

Two fixes:
  1. Two OF2TP exporter scripts (one to text files, one to OS X Mail emails - both updated to the new requirement).
  2. The following brief script which should fix the Taskpaper format of texts exported by OmniFocus, if they are loaded in the OS X Taskpaper application.

tell application id "TkPr"
	tell front document
		if (text contents contains linefeed & "-") then
			repeat with oLine in entries
				tell oLine
					if (entry type ≠ project type) then 
						set text line to tab & text line
				end tell
			end repeat
		end if
	end tell
end tell
Batch conversions of legacy files could be done through the shell with command lines on the pattern of:

perl -pe 's/^(\s*?-)/\t\1/g' filepath > newfilepath