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Just to add my plea to the Oogiem's post.

I have spent many fruitless hours trying to import tasks into OF. I assumed OP and OF would play well together, but as is now widely acknowledged, this is not possible. So I export the OP file to OO, set up the columns correctly (Title / Context / Start Date / Due Date), and sure enough OF will open the file (cut and paste works too). BUT, it places the start and due dates in the notes as metadata. This means I have to manually edit every single task (350 in my case). This seems to be a bug that was first spotted in about 2008, yet is still unresolved.

I have tried Apple Scripts, voodoo and divination. I have blessed the laptop with unicorn tears, and muttered incantations. All without success. I even signed up for the OF v2 beta, I am that desperate.

Until this is sorted out (I hope in OF 2), I am running two parallel systems for my tasks: OF and OP. At times like this we have to ask: what would David Allen do? I am pretty sure he would tell me I have breached the 'one trusted system' rule...