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I'm a relatively new user and have all three versions of the product. I mostly use the Mac and iPhone versions and saw some odd things early on.

Several times I would add entries on the iPhone, and then work on the Mac later. A couple of times I noticed that I lost a few entries and contacted support.

I kept a close eye on this and found the following:

A new action would be entered on the iPhone and then while working on the Mac later, I would see a blank action like you sometimes get when adding. So I would delete it.

After I started checking, I noticed that sometimes the sync happens in two steps. First a blank record comes over, then it gets populated.

Once I realized that, I don't hastily delete blank records. I reported this but did not get feedback about this being an issue.

I could find no other symptoms of data loss, and I'm paranoid. Anything else was attributed to filtering. I would probably make sure everything syncs before doing major changes but if I had seen this thread before I would probably not have made the commitment to the product.

It's all about a "trusted system" and you should not have to think about syncing before editing. Conflict resolution has been around for a long time and records edited in two places could be duplicated and flagged somehow.