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Hello all,

I have been working on a few OmniFocus Applescripts and I figured I would share them here.

Templates.scpt looks for a "Templates" folder (or prompts you to select a folder where you store template projects), and then gives you a list of projects in that folder to create a new instance of. It then creates a copy of the project, sets the project's status to "Active", and moves it to a folder of your choosing. Variables are defined using a symbol of your choosing (default is "$"), and the script will replace any instances of those variables with replacements of your choosing (including variables in the project name and the tasks' names, notes, and contexts). Finally, you can define a relative date in the note of the template project (for example, "start: today + 3w at 2pm" or "due: 5d 14:30") and the script will automatically assign the calculated date to the due/ start date of that item.

Mail Complete.scpt is run from It detects the senders of selected messages and looks in your OmniFocus library for tasks with a "Waiting For" context that includes the name of that sender. It then offers to automatically complete any selection of the tasks it finds in a dialog without having to go to OmniFocus.

Later.scpt will defer all selected tasks by a user-defined amount of time. You can set either the start or due date, and the time to defer it by can be defined using any of the smart date syntax you usually have in OmniFocus (for example: "2d 5pm", "3w 14:00", "Jan 30 4am" all work).

The most recent version of all three are on the "Projects" page of my website, I would post them (or links to download them) here, but this is my first post so it's not letting me. Hope some of you find these useful! Let me know if you have any questions about them.

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