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I just wanted to thank you for your scripts, I think that the template script is just amazing! I donīt know how to thank you enough for that.

May I raise a thought about that script?

Would it be possible to also activate the use of locations in the script?
Imagine for example that iīm going to attend to a conference in a few weeks. In the notes in the templateproject I added the due time for the conference, and itīs name as variables for the script to change - that way I have a nice template for tasks I have to do before the conference begin. But could I use the script, to activate the tasks I want to do after the conference have ended, when I reach a certain location (like my office for example).

(I hope that you understand, english is not my first language. Also I hope that I donīt offend you in any way asking this question).

Great work anyway
Kindest regards/G

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