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You are amazing! thank you

I moved the first template script away from the script-folder and renamed this last version, so I knew that I tried the right script.

Unfortunately when I tested it, there was no difference now from the first version of the script. When I tried to subtract, using $date in the notes as well in title, or the ask-command (tried with both $ask and just ask) the script worked just as before. I donīt know if this have something to do with that I still uses OS x 10.6.8? or if I misunderstood your instructions.

Like the last version I also canīt use w (week) or y (year) as datevariables - only d (days). Anyone more that faces the same problem?

Keep up the good work, still an awesome script. Iīm just sorry that I canīt add more then feedback and ideas.

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