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I've been using Curt Clifton's Templates script for a few years now. It works well. One thing I did a while ago was to put my templates in a folder with status "dropped", so that the templates wouldn't clutter up my list of active projects.

Right now, it seems like your script does not account for the possibility that templates could be in a folder with status dropped. I wonder if you might want to think about amending it so it accounts for that possibility.

In my own work flow with Curt's script, I have a perspective called templates. When I hit the keyboard shortcut, it changes the project filter to "dropped" and takes me to the folder with the templates. From there, I can choose a template, actuate it, fill it out, and then I get my new template, which I can make active and then manually move to the folder where I want it.

Your script definitely has some bells and whistles that would be nice (e.g., the part that lets you choose where to place the finished project you made form the template). But I also want to make sure I can keep the clutter down as well.

I hope these comments make sense.