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This could be beaten a fair bit with the GTD drum (and has, many times ;-) but there's a real difference between events and tasks. The former have a specific time; the latter don't necessarily (they may have a due date). iCal can do both; OmniFocus only deals with the latter. It might be possible to whip up a script but there _will_ be gaps, and functionality is never going to be great. It truly is best to enter events (meetings, calls, appointments, etc.) in iCal and use its alarms, etc., and enter tasks in OmniFocus, and separate the two. Yes, there are two areas you have to manage/monitor, but this is what's recommended in a GTD approach.
Yeah, it's certainly not pure GTD, but if someone wants to see their tasks with their known hard landscape items sprinkled in the mix, it seems like a somewhat better fit than trying to get a calendar view with all of one's OF obligations, especially given that OF's view sculpting abilities outshine iCal's. I almost always have many more OF tasks in any given period than hard landscape items, though your mileage may vary...

That said, I haven't become so enamored of the idea that I've put keyboard to window and cobbled up the necessary script :-)