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OK, by the way (not completely germane to your comment): I do realise that no program can be 100% appropriate in all cases for 100% of the people. I also realise that I may not be using the program properly -- hence this entry. Thus:

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I'm not sure I understand what the problem is. Repeating actions and projects are ideally suited for implementing things like weekly reminders (conduct weekly review, empty downloads folder, get haircut, mow lawn, etc.) Why aren't they appropriate for you?

Why won't you be prompted? Won't the action still be on your list of things to do?
I'm just trying repeating actions for the first time. This is all in an attempt to replace the paper tickler files (for daily, weekly, specific to months, etc)

I have a weekly review project. It has tasks such as "empty iPhone voice mail", "empty home voice mail", "drain any iPhone notes collected during the week", empty wallet etc ... and then later "sweep inbox to make sure all items are assigned...empty ~/Downloads .. and so forth. They are ordered tasks since the first ones result in lots of quick entries which later are organised.

I had made the "weekly review" project recur, on the presumption that the whole project would recur. However if I understand it the weekly project won't reappear unless all its tasks are closed out, right? Consider that one day I am careless or my wife is on the phone for a long time and I never get around to emptying the home voice mail. Ideally the next week when my weekly sweep reappears all of it would reappear. After all, these tasks are like a bus: if you don't clean up your inbox today you don't need to do it "twice" next week. It would be annoying if this one stray task kept the whole project from reappearing.

Yes, the right thing would be for me always to be diligent about doing all the tasks or just canceling this one. But this action is important but not urgent and can easily slip, human nature being human nature.

Whew! Sorry to be so lengthy but I was afraid we might be talking past each other. Perhaps the only thing for me to do is just tick it off when I've either done it or resolved that I won't do it this week. Dunno if that's all that good either.