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In my party example, I want you to finally add the requirement that the party is to happen tonight. And therefore at the point that Jill does not reply at all Bob doesn't get asked either and the calls to the caterer, the taxi for my grandmother, and the call to my wife must all now go ahead. In this scenario I don't think it would be good if I was to look at a phone context which did not mention calling my wife or the caterer because I had an action on "Waiting for", namely waiting to hear if Jill is coming to the party. But that is what will happen in Omnifocus currently if I have a "waiting for" on Jill's response.

However I think that there is a solution to this. I am happy to see no urgent phone calls in the phone context but only if it's possible to set the Dinner Party project to be reviewed at not just a date but a time as well (after all the party is happening tonight). The project should come up for review on both my iPhone and Mac in the form of a notification (optionally) ensuring that I do not miss it if I am working in another app. Because after all, what I need to do if I don't hear from Jill, is to give up on having both Jill and Bob at the party and go ahead with just my grandmother and my wife. Its CRUCIAL that the project I am working on be prompted for review at a very specific moment so that the tonight's party can go ahead as it must.

But that only deals with the dinner party project. What if there are phone calls to be made as the next action for a number of projects. Shouldn't I in that scenario be able to spend time considering the priority of those calls and sort them in Omnifocus so that I do them in a planned order.

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