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It would be quite clear that Omnifocus isn't for me if it was quite clear that Omnigroup aren't interested in potential and existing customers (I am existing one) giving feedback as to how task management ideally work. Do you know that they are not?

And are you saying that you don't face situations like the one I have described with the dinner party?

I want to suggest what kind of interface would be needed to effectively handle the sorting of contexts. I think that a context should BY DEFAULT be sorted first by project then by project due date then by the manual sort order the actions appear within their projects. If new actions are added to a project then, within a context, they should appear at the bottom of their place in the sort order. I don't mean they should appear at the bottom of ALL the context's actions. If for example a new action was added which was due today it should appear at the bottom of the actions due today (awaiting more accurate placement if required within the context).

It's important to elegantly handle sorting if both projects and contexts are to be manually sortable. If an action in a context is raised above an action which shares the same project and yet in the project the two actions are sorted in the opposite order they should be reversed within the project so that the moved action is moved to just below the list of actions that share the same due date and time, or if the affected actions have no due date and time, the moved action should be located immediately above of below the other action. I know that this adds complexity for the developers but I am sure that it provides greater utility for the users!