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In my party example, I want you to finally add the requirement that the party is to happen tonight.
Now w'ere just piling it higher and deeper to create a situation of "what ifs" and "maybe this could happen".

This is the time to get a virtual assistant and it appears no task manager will do it for you unless it has artificial intelligence. There will never be a perfect task management program because everyone's needs are quite different.

Whenever I wanted to focus on a project, I would create a project perspective focused on just this one project. Then I can view all the tasks in the grand scheme of things and make decisions based on what the current status. Then I get busy and try to burn through all these tasks if the party is tonight as you suggested.

The sorting action suggested may suit you but it won't suit everyone else's needs or what they expect the behaviour to be.

It would be quite clear that Omnifocus isn't for me if it was quite clear that Omnigroup aren't interested in potential and existing customers (I am existing one) giving feedback as to how task management ideally work. Do you know that they are not?
Yes, this argument has been debated about thousands of times over with just about every program that has even been developed/released.

This argument is a repeat of the "Why isn't OmniFocus on Android yet?" It makes it sound like OmniGroup is leaving money on the table. They are committed to existing and potential customers and readily accept your feedback.

I've also seen similar statements in almost every other software forum I care to visit. When I hear the statement quoted above, it sounds to me like "If you don't support this feature, I'm going to say that you just lost my business and the business of others. And I'm gonna spread the bad word about you. Ah, pooh pooh."

Send an e-mail to OmniGroup (via the OmniFocus app > Help menu > Send Feedback) regarding your particular needs about "projects and contexts need to be sortable". That way, it will be filed in the feature request database. If this feature request get enough votes, it will probably get a closer look. So far, it looks like there is just one vote for this feature (if you sent the feature request). The Omni tech support has to wade through all the forum posts and may possibly miss this if you don't e-mail them.

We all have ideas of what the perfect task manager is. But that's why there are other valid competitors who might tackle task management from a viewpoint more similar to yours. Take a look and see if the grass is greener on the other side. I don't recall some of the other task managers having this particular sort feature you want.