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Someone has to be the first person to have an idea. Why not spend the rest of this thread arguing whether people would be wise to consider the order in which they do actions within a context and whether they may need to store the results of their decisions?

I reckon that it can be a flawed assumption that you need to make a task management program in such a way as to allow lots of people to use it differently. I think that it's the job of a developer to write a program in such a way to not only serve the current mindset of their customer but possibly to also influence how the customer ought to think if they are to be productive. And my suggestion is being made consistent with that belief.

Why wouldn't it be good, if a customer would be better off thinking about how to order the items in a context, to provide them the chance to do that and to store the results? Does it matter that up to now they have yet to realise that the order of items completed in a context matters?

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