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I have to say it's a little weird to think that a development task is going to take the same duration no matter how many people you have work on it...
I dunno, I think it's weirder to think that doubling the people will halve the time. :)

"The Mythical Man Month" is an excellent book on that topic.

I think I use OmniPlan the way the original poster seems to: I estimate how long something will take, and who will be involved. One of my co-workers is great: he points out all sorts of things that my code needs to do, and how to make my front panel hardware look nicer, etc. etc. I love having him involved. Adding him to a project does not make it take half as long. :)

I use OP as a rough week/half week scale ordering and constraint management system. I use it to figure out if I'm about to run out of time, or where to fit in things like ordering stuff that takes awhile to arrive.