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I recently joined a large company and we are rethinking our approach to stencils, patterns, and tools. We're specifically trying to increase our efficiency and speed, simplifying design activities and alignment across a number of teams and spaces.

On this note, I'm trying to identify a design system we can use that can be integrated into a "stack" and updated automatically. Ideally we'll end up with a core pattern library from which we can "push" stencil or design tool updates out to distributed resources and teams, ensuring people always have access to cross-platform and device patterns for our products that give them a common operating context and design framework.

The question is does Omni support anything like this? Is there a way to update stencils remotely or automatically? Is there a simple way to at least manage this or lower the update barriers?

I've looked around but haven't been able to find anything. Would be interested in any insight anyone has... stencil deployment in general seems kind of overly painful.