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what I really want is a simple calculation / spreadsheet functionality.

E.g. I have an outline with columns like:

"hours spend" , "rate per hour", "sub total", "tax rate", "total".

And formulas like:
"sub total" := "hours spend" * "rate per hour";
"total" := "sub total" + "sub total" * "tax rate"; -- assuming tax rate is 0.x value

Currently I'm helping myself with AppleScripts. But it is very hard to keep the AppleScripts in synch with indentation levels and column names etc.

Probably a simple JavaScript or AppleScript integration would be enough? (Means having a script attached to a column, and knowing an evaluation order: "sub total" executed before "total").

Keep in mind that formulas like above only make sense for leaf rows, so probably one would need the ability to attach formulas to a row level.

Anyway, probably some one can enlighten me about how you do calculations in outlines.

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