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What I am doing is I have one Project called "Single Actions". Every once in awhile I will make a One-Off-Project in Single Actions. For example my task to figure out what to do for mothers day has subtasks of "Call Mum", "Find Gift". Now when I flag one of these to take action on for the day and sort only by flagged the project reads - "Single Actions" so I do not know what I am "Finding a Gift" for....

Does anyone know of a way where the One-Off-Project information is still carried over into the context perspective?
If you are not willing to move these items and create a separate project, I am unaware of a way this can be done beyond writing more descriptive actions/tasks within your single actions list. Try composing a descriptive action title for whom you are purchasing the gift instead of just "Find Gift".

  • Son gets gift for mom. Action would be "Find gift for mother".
  • Husband gets gift for mom and mother-in-law. Actions would be "Find gift for mother" and "Find gift for mother-in-law"
  • Husband with kids gets gift for wife, mom and mother-in-law. Actions would be "Find gift for wife", "Find gift for mother", and "Find gift for mother-in-law".

Of course there can be even more description as to what type of gift is preferred or the store best suited to find a gift. The idea to keep in mind is to write your single actions so that they can be understood without parent context. Think delegation. If you were told "Find Gift" from someone, what would your first question be to clarify the task. For me I would want to know whom the gift was for, what their age is, and what their tastes are, how much can I spend, when do I need it by. These things might be known by you, but holding to the idea actions are written as if they are being delegated to another person can reduce potential misunderstanding when viewing an action in the future separate from its project structure.

So, an action title could be: "Find a gift for mother that cost under $300 at the local jewelry store in time for mother's day"

A more descriptive action title requires much less thought when viewing it at the time it needs to be completed or when you are running those errands looking at multiple separate actions.

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