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You beat me to it, Troy.

What I had said (above) was that I had 'factory standard' settings on global Ad-Block preferences and on site preferences. So I did.

For site preferences these included blocking in-line content 'From blocked URLs'. I have not added ANY URLs to those in the standard-issue list (this was a 'clean' re-install of 5.5SP17).

But the '' problem was solved by unchecking the 'From blocked URL's checkbox in the site preferences for Now all of the news links that were previously not working are working.

Haven't checked the other sites, but I assume the same applies.

I can't see anything in the standard settings that is responsible for this behavior. But I guess it is there somewhere.

Of course, this means that my report qualifies for the classic response: "That isn't a bug ... it's a feature." :rolleyes: