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Hi Handycam,

Thanks for continuing to look at this.

Yes, I agree about the usefulness of identification in the "Page Info" tab of the page element that blocked the display.

But I don't have an entry in my 'blocking' REGEXs that blocks 'googlesyndication' ... If any REGEX is blocking the page doing it must be one of those that come standard 'out of the box' referring to 'ads'

Even so, could the the 'showads' script at the blocked URL be responsible for loading the WHOLE page (the 'Farmers' journal' in this case)? Or is it more likely that it's loading only a Google ad on one place in the page? If so, why would OW block the whole page rather than the page element from the offending URL?

And why would that affect e.g. the pages where I was (am) continuing to have the problem that is resolved by unchecking the same 'blocked URL' check-box on a page-by-page basis?

If you look at one of those addresses what you find is that they, too, call an external URL via a javascript. But the external URL seems innocuous and makes no reference to an 'ad'.

I'm beginning to think the problem may relate to the '.js' link rather than to advertisements as such.