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Any solutions to this? Im needing both, but number 1 is a priority right now.


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I'm new to OG, but seem to be picking it up rather quickly. However, I'm trying to do two distinct things and can't seem to find any documentation on either.

1. Forcing OG to append outline numbers to the beginning of each title. So that each new child gets 1.1 Topic, 1.2 Topic, 1.3 Topic etc, and siblings get 2.0 Topic, 3.0 Topic etc.

Is this possible to be done dynamically, so if I modified the order of something, it would automatically change the numbers.

and much more importantly,

2. I'm trying to create a diagram style that will cause children into a vertical line rather than horizontal, with their children simply being indented slightly. I'm attaching two examples that I built by hand, and that a friend showed me. But I haven't been able to get the diagram style to actually do this dynamically.

Any thoughts?