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Archie, welcome aboard, glad I could help, and thanks for sticking with it. :-)

This topic comes up fairly frequently, and I should probably do a round of thread combining and then sticky the result. So if the following links all go to the same thread, that's what happened. :-)

A couple of starter threads:

Programmers / Developers / Creatives: What are your contexts?

Working in context mode

If it's any help, I know our CEO, Ken, uses a system similar to what you were thinking about to manage his various roles here. He's got a "Coding" context and a couple of "CEO" contexts related to the different kinds of headspace he needs to be in when working on stuff.

As far as rule-breaking... I don't know if there are any "rules". Useful guidelines, maybe. In general, I try to keep my contexts specific enough that they're useful, but general enough that they get used regularly. Not counting my various contexts for folks here at Omni, I have 18 that I use regularly.

When you're starting out, though, I'd say go ahead and add a new context if you think it would be useful - you can always prune ones that don't work out later on.