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I sometimes work on my laptop while attached to an external monitor. It seems that other browsers are able to handle the change in window size better than OW. If my window takes up the full vertical space on my laptop, it will be too small once I go to my larger monitor. Other browsers are the same way. But in Firefox and Camino, if I hit zoom it will fit the full vertical space. In OW, hitting the zoom button is useless, it makes the window even smaller. So I've got to readjust manually.

I've tried experimenting with the save window size option. Is there any way around this, or does OW have its own way of doing this that prevents it? I don't know if zoom just follows the Apple guidelines or what, but I don't see how it could be an improvement over other browsers in this respect.

Edit: Actually it seems that zoom behavior is not consistent, I just tried it on a workspace window that didn't fill the screen, then it filled the vertical space. I could never figure out that damn zoom button!

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