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In this particular case, it seems to me that the easiest thing to do would be have your partner create a user account for you on her Mac. Then, you configure OmniFocus (in that account) to sync with your iPad. Now, whenever you want to print off a report, you just borrow her Mac, make sure both iPad and Mac have synced, and print it (you can print directly to Mail, too). Or she could just log in to that account and check it directly.

Now, if you want to be even fancier, you could set up both accounts to sync with your iPad. They can't both sync at the same time, but you can switch databases back and forth so that you alternately are viewing your projects, or her projects. The exact details of how you would do this depend on what you use for your sync setup, whether the Omni Sync Service (free), Apple's MobileMe, or the Bonjour/WiFi sync built in to OmniFocus. You would both have the ability to view the other's projects in OmniFocus directly, so you could use the various tools OmniFocus provides for sorting, searching, etc.

I believe this would be deemed acceptable use of a single OmniFocus for Mac license, so long as your partner's Mac was the only place OmniFocus was installed. If she wants to use it on another machine as well, then you would need another license (basically, a single-user license allows one user to use the program on all of their machines, or any number of users to use the program on the same machine).

I will also point out that this will be an all-or-nothing sharing of your OmniFocus data; there isn't any way at the moment to specify that only some of your projects and actions sync. If you are both using OmniFocus only for your joint efforts, this isn't likely to be an issue. If you wanted to use it also for personal matters that you didn't feel comfortable sharing, you would probably want to do the first suggestion only.

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