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Okay, I'm at a loss. I've not been using Omnifocus consistently and I had some ideas for rearrangement to make it more usable for my needs. That involves some changes in how I am using folders. The problem is I've spent over an hour trying various ways to move a current project from where it was to the folder I want it be in with no luck. I've tried finding something on here about it but no luck. Simply dragging the project into the folder fails, it's just gets dumped at the top level. Can't seem to find a trick to do it on my iPhone either. So at this point it seems I am stuck with having to completely delete projects and recreating them and all the tasks in the folder. Tell me this isn't necessary. A huge failure for a program gui on a mouse system or a touch system if this is true. It seems incredibly dumb that drag and drop doesn't work.