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I work remote in a very distributed team and interact with a lot of people during a day/week on chat/mail/phone etc. And the people varies alot + it is often related to multiple people - thus creating contexts for them does not really work for me afaics.

I started using omnifocus a while ago and it was ok but I got frustrated not being able to handle this "multiple people" problem and I moved to Things and been happy for a while.

But where Things shines with having Tags, is much prettier to look at (sorry :) and its "today" view is awesome it sucks in comparison to omnifocus when it comes to entering in tasks since I just haven't found a way to get it to remember what i entered previously so I end up not typing things.

Now, omnifocus is awesome for entering tasks BUT I now lost the ability for easy querying for what are the issues I need to do with "Person A and Person B"...

Some mentioned adding in a "people: persona, personb" into the notes which I could be ok with but:

A) would be nice to have auto completion of often typed tags

B) how do I do a search across *all* tasks with these names in them ?
(in things I just type "personA", "personB" in to the tags and I get it. Doesn't work that way in omnifocus.

Anyone with tips on how to capture/structure something like the above ?