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If you want to use tags. and you want rapid entry then use text expander to 'explode' the tags for you.

Personally I would use contexts for people and teams. Then perspectives to remove anything irrelevant.

Energy levels only work for me once I have worked out what (of many things) I have to do I can do with the tools, location and people present.

Duration and Energy then are the criteria for selecting which one i do from the short list

I know there have been many posts on the forums where the issue of multiple people come up. I would suggest a context hierarchy under a "Communications" context. Reserve "Call" and "Email" for simple tasks like calling the local hardware store regarding if they stock your favorite hammer. Having the Agenda sub context on top gives it a weighted importance at the top of your contexts. Add call and email to the individual task descriptions to give you direction on what the preferred method of communication for individuals in the "Agenda" context should be.


To further setup the "Agenda" context; use "Anyone" context to address teams and individuals scenarios where one needs to speak with one or any to move a task forward depending on the information. This works because if I see Employee 1 from Accounting below I can check their agenda items and the department agenda items. This also allows me to address non call or email items for each individual or team.

| ↳Anyone
| ↳Employee 1
| ↳Employee 2
| ↳Anyone
| ↳Employee 1
| ↳Employee 2


Further, contexts can be limited by creating perspectives to include or exclude specific projects. (e.g. Home or Work views)

Hope this helps and just my $0.02 regarding the use and setup of contexts.