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Hi all,

I have begun to skim the surface of using OmniFocus for the past few months, I have the iPhone client as well as the desktop, but I can't seem to dedicate myself to using it all the time.

I use it every once in awhile then I won't check it for a few days. I don't know exactly how the weekly review function works, and I don't know what best ways to put "projects" into the client and what projects in my life I'd put in it. I guess I'm just suffering from newbie-ness, even though I am familiar with the program, perspectives, and it's general use.

How do you all integrate OmniFocus into your daily lives; what are some examples of projects or areas of responsibility that you place in your OmniFocus client; what advice can you offer to help get me off to being dedicated to OmniFocus?

I am a very detail-oriented person and I would love to be able to dive in and STAY with the OmniFocus experience and life, but I can't help but drift every few days or so only to come back and try to get dedicated to using it again.

P.S. For some background, I originally purchased "Things." After a week of trying it out, it was way too simple - I enjoy nesting and the fact that Things did not support that along with not being able to sync via webDAV ruined any chance the program had with me. Then I discovered OmniFocus.. and it's just a matter of getting dedicated and knowing the best way to utilize it. I know most of you will say it's best to customize it to fit your needs, but I could use some great advice to hear how you all utilize it, how it is setup for you, and how you get yourself to stick to it daily.

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