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Important and less important ... These are difficult. I mean: There are people who use the CP all the time on forum software.
But do you think it's the most commonly used feature? Priority is fairly easy to set. Either go through the logs and look at the most commonly requested features or make a choice as a company of what the purpose of the forums are, then prioritize from that.

Others only need the "New Posts" link (which kinda replaces your RSS feed update thingie, just go to the search for new posts link from time to time, you can actually bookmark that one and give it a shortcut...).
I use the New Posts link all the time, but it doesn't replace the RSS bit at all. The reasoning for that is an indicator which will automatically show me if there's a new post. Same as in the mailing list I have a filter which puts mail from the list into a specific mail box. When there's a new message, the number indicator displays. There's no need for clicking on anything to see that.

About the form fields: I'd rather see those items fixed in webkit, since that's where the error lies...
Well, it's not up to the OG to fix WebKit. So you are suggesting that we leave it as it is - broken for OmniWeb users so they don't have a quick search function, or have them use Firefox?