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Me three on the issue of using ANY network accessed device as the "common" location for the file: it is simply too slow to keep up with the "live updating" aspect of OmniFocus. Since this is one of the primary reasons for developing OF as an "enhancement" of kGTD, it's pretty much a killer issue.

For my own use, I have found that using "Synchronize! X Plus" to synchronize:

~/Library/Application Support/OmniFocus/OmniFocus.ofocus

…works great.

For those who are still using the WebInterface, it's important to use the "Don't sync folders…" function in S!XP to exclude BY NAME the folder "Web Interface" (if you select the folder itself, then anytime the WebInterface gets restarted it will hang because it can't find THAT PARTICULAR folder).

If anyone wants further details, post here and I'll expand/explain as needed.